10 Albums, 10 Days – Weeping Tile – Cold Snap

Weeping Tile was Sarah Harmer’s band before she went on to her long and successful solo tour.  I remember them being the first band to play at Nipissing during frosh week of my first year and myself and a newly made friend being the only people that had ever heard of them.  It was a somewhat sparsely attended show but it was great and it was part of a great start to my university days.  I seem to recall they might have done a version of ‘The Wall’ by Pink Floyd which would have been in honour of our now departed university pub.

weeping tilegot into Weeping Tile when the video for ‘Cold Snap’ came out and I really enjoyed the energy in that song.  I bought the album Cold Snap and subsequently really enjoyed that as well.  Sarah Harmer’s lyrics and singing combined with simple but interesting musical arrangements really made this album for me.  There are many gems on this album – ‘Westray’ which questioned how we could ever allow something like the Westray mine accident happen; ‘In the Road’ which is a simple song but overlain with a rich cello; ‘UFO Rosie’ a song about seeing UFOs; and ‘Handkerchiefs and Napkins’ a nice mellow song to end the album are all highlights for me.


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