10 Albums, 10 Days – Corwin Fox – Man and Her Symbols

Corwin Fox is a folk music genius and in my mind wiCorwin Foxll be inexplicably linked to the glorious ArtsWells Festival.  His Monday show at the Barkerville Church has become a bit of a tradition for us to attend and his shows turn into a giant sing-a-long.  Man and Her Symbols was the album that he was playing a lot of songs live from when we saw him for the first time.  The album is mostly Corwin singing along with his banjo but each song is a unique story, mostly humourous, without being tacky, and his mastery of lyricism allows you to visualize many of the situations he sings about.  It helps because we have seen him play a lot of these songs live and he has provided a story for each of them.  My personal favourites are ‘Rough Couple’ where he sings about the most unlikely relationships that could form among his friends and ‘Cleanse’ where he expounds on the lack of benefits of going on a cleanse but frankly, all of the songs on this album are great.


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