10 Albums, 10 Days – The Cure – Wild Mood Swings

I have always thought that 1996 was such an important year for me.  Most significantly, I graduated high school and left home to go to university and navigated the transitions of that.  Almost as significant, it was important to me from a musical perspective.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, one of the life changing events for me musically happened at Edgefest when I saw the Tea Party.  Another event I went to that summer was EdenFest which was a weekend long festival held at Mosport Park.  I went there with my friend Mike.  It was a weekend full of chaos that is likely worth a reminiscent post of its own at some point.  A ton of the most popular bands of the mid-90s were at this event.  The big show for me that weekend was to see Bush who were playing the Friday night (the band, not the president – also still known as Bush X at this point I believe).  I remember running into my friend Kris somewhere at the festival and The_Cure_-_Wild_Mood_Swingshe said he couldn’t wait to see the Cure who were closing the Friday main stage after Bush but I didn’t really know their music and after expending a lot of energy at the Bush show, which was great, we went back to join the party at the camp.  I heard rumours that the Cure show was great but paid them no mind.

Fast forward a few months later and I had become part of Columbia Music House and they were sending me CDs.  Usually people stayed part of the program for long enough to get a bunch of CDs and then opted out before their credit cards got dinged too bad.  I, on the other hand, a known procrastinator, never got around to that step of opting out so they kept sending me the CD of the Month which I also would rarely return.  One of the CDs I received was the Cure’s Wild Mood Swings.  I think it sat wrapped up in plastic for a while until the time in which I could return it elapsed and I realized I was stuck with it.  So I finally ended up playing the CD and I felt sick to my stomach when I realized I had made a mistake not seeing them at Edenfest.  This album was awesome.  The album name was apt as it was all over the place in terms of tone – there were upbeat songs, upbeat songs with dark undertones and just plain dark songs.  It would have been cool to see them played live.  The opening song of the album in one of the best opening songs of any albums – ‘Want’ is a multi-layered wall of sound that starts with an epic intro section and builds to the end of the song.  It sets the stage for what I think is a wildly creating album.  Other highlights for me are ‘Club America’, ‘This is a Lie’ ‘Numb’ and ‘Trap’.

Looking back, this album was probably a good representation of the transition I was going through at that point in life.  A little erratic and all over the place.  And a bit full of regrets for missing out on the show…



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